News|July 24, 2012 10:33 am

I need to look fresher next time I do a movie: Saif Ali Khan

While romance has been a frequenter in Saif Ali Khan’s onscreen roles for the last couple of movies that he has done, the actor now feels, may be, a clean shaven look would convince critics that he can look young enough to play younger roles.

Saif, currently in Mauritius busy working on his home production, Go Goa Gone, is happy with his entrepreneurial stint. The actor is only glad to have donned different thinking hats. While his recent Bollywood offering Cocktail has managed to grab eyeballs of the younger audience, Saif feels he always takes constructive criticism about his looks and portrayal of younger characters in a positive way. Reiterating what he told recently to tabloids about age dynamics, Saif says,

I am 30 at heart.

adding on a humorous note,

I think I should shave next time I am doing a movie, if that makes me look younger and convinces critics!” (Laughs)I have a feeling that I should look fresher and will work on it.

Even though Agent Vinod failed to set the cash registers ringing impressively at the box office, Saif feels elated about the fact that his efforts are reaping in nice dividends, if not all monetarily.

I am just getting into the movie business and I am happy about the three films I have undertaken as a producer.

he says.

Saif confesses he is not sure on how management fundas will find an apt place in film business. On the recent trend of business schools taking keen interest in studying Bollywood and entertainment industry, Saif says,

I do not know how management fundas are going to help a film. But one thing that I gathered is that certain films can definitely benefit from these.

Offering hands on experience on film promotions, Saif feels promoting a movie through new media enables a film connect with the young.

We didn’t want to waste money on city centric promotions. Marketing on the Internet was a good idea for Cocktail. The response from the younger audience came as a pleasant surprise, of course.

says Saif.

Saif feels he has not egged on a film on the lines of Star Wars which will make him wary of the higher risks involved in filmmaking, but says his new offering is a risky venture because “it’s a low budget film involving foreign technicians and risky because of the genre and content.”

Saif, however, didn’t want to divulge any information on his wedding date and details.

I can’t say anything about the wedding now.

he said.