News|December 5, 2012 3:41 pm

I insist on being choosy about films: Rani Mukherji

Rani Mukherjee, whose films’Talaash and Aiyya released recently, says she likes to be choosy and not do the same kind of cinema in her career.

I have to be choosy. If I don’t challenge myself as an actor to play a particular part I myself will get bored. Three-four years back, I chose to sit back and do films that would not bore me. If I get bored then how can I expect from the audience to not get bored. So if I am challenged, I am excited, if I am raring, then I know that this is something that the audience will also like.

she said.

In her career, Rani has played a variety of roles with different costars and various directors.

She says doing the same kind of character often gets monotonous.

Things could get saturated or monotonous if I would do the same characters again and again. I would do roles that would not make sense to me and or do films where I am just standing there and not doing anything.

Rani said.

That is why to save myself from that feeling I take time out to choose roles that excite me. Whenever I say I cannot do roles and films one after the other is because sometimes the film that comes my way is great but the role is not exciting. (Sometimes) my role is great but other things attached to the film are not. It has to be a mixture of all things great script, great role.

the 34-year-old actress said.