News|December 19, 2012 11:17 am

I have a very tough competition in my own family now: Kareena Kapoor

Beautiful Kareena Kapoor, who belongs to the popular Kapoor family, says that she has a tough competition in her family itself as her cousin brother Ranbir is doing very well.

Kareena kapoor

Since I was a child, I always thought I will win a Filmfare and give an acceptance speech, where I will thank my mother, father and family. My Filmfare trophies will follow me till my grave. Hopefully, not only six but many more. But I have a very tough competition in my own family now. You never know, soon Ranbir might cross my record and that of my grandfather. But that would surely be a very joyous moment for our family.

she said.

While Kareena has won six Filmfare trophies for her performances, Ranbir has four and their grandfather, the legendary star Raj Kapoor had won 11 Filmfare awards. 

Talking on whether belonging to the Kapoor family puts any pressure on her or mot, she said-  

The pressures are obviously there because there are so many names associated with it. But we are all taking it forward in our own way. Earlier it was me and Karisma, but I am so glad that finally there is a man in the family (Ranbir).