News|July 6, 2012 11:04 am

I am not really a prankster: Imran Khan

Actor Imran Khan is not quite the prankster that he looks like. In his spare time, he says he is often seen staring at some wall.

My tranquil moments
I am not really a prankster. Pranks require a certain amount of involvement and energy which I don’t have. I am a very tranquil person. I put my energy only in things that call for it, like my work. Once my work is done, I go onto what I called the ‘screen saver mode’. I can sit and just stare at nothing in particular.
I am basically very classic in my taste. Even in my house, I don’t like too much colour. I like to keep it clean and neutral. Right now, I am doing up my house in just grey stone and white walls, wooden furniture and no garish colours.

Tuning in
Music plays a big part in an actor’s life. Because it puts you in a certain mindset. So based on the film that I am doing, I change the kind of music that I am listening to. And I watch a lot of movies and read as well. I read especially on shoots between shots, when there is a lot of time and there’s nothing to do. I read anything from the thriller, fiction books to those that teach you skills; like a cooking, carpentry or a photography book.

The cook in me
I cook very well. I can cook anything. Avantika is very happy ofcourse. I cook anything from Indian dishes to pastas and pizzas. Recently, I learned how to kneed the pizza base dough. So I can make the base and the pizza sauce right from scratch.