News|October 2, 2012 11:48 am

I am not dating Maneesh Sharma: Parineeti Chopra

Actor Parineeti Chopra is just two films old in the industry, but she has already under the limelight for link-ups and alleged affairs. Parineeti was linked to Uday Chopra in the past and more recently she was rumoured to be dating director Maneesh Sharma. But Parineeti said that the reports were rubbish adding,

They are very important people in my life but these rumours are absolutely rubbish!

Parineeti Chopra says she has known Uday for very long, even before she ventured into films.

We used to have lunch together even before I became an actress. That time nobody linked us up! In fact, I used to tell him to look for a boy for me .

she says. As for the Band Baaaja Baraat director, Maneesh Sharma, she credits him as the person who made her an actress and was responsible for her winning 16 awards in her first film.

It’s sad that once you become an actress and are spotted with someone, you are immediately linked with that person. Now, I have to think twice before going out for lunch with them.

she adds. Although she admits that she is excited about Maneesh’s next film. She says that her character will be very different from her previous two films.

My first film was about a Punjabi girl who was childish and the next was about an aggressive Muslim girl. Yes, both the characters were outspoken but definitely not the same.

she says.

Parineeti also says that the Chopra sisters (Priyanka and her) should reverse roles and sing together in the future. For those who don’t know, Parineeti is a trained classical singer and has sung with her cousin Priyanka on stage in their school days. She’s all praise for PeeCee’s recently released international single.