News|May 31, 2012 2:29 pm

I am not a role model : SRK

Recent controversies and scuffles have not only taught SRK a lesson but he even regrets his actions. Yesterday at a press confidence at his Mannat residence he apologized for his high-handed attitude.

“I had not faced failure for many years and it (failure) has made me humble… you can’t get angry and say the world is wrong and we have to realise failure is part of our life… failure and success are not permanent,”

he told reporters.

In recent past Shahrukh’s name has been dragged in many controversies and series of bad events, after the failure of his home production RA One he got into a brawl with Shirish Kunder, as soon as that event faded from our minds he got into a scuffle with security personnel of Wankhede Stadium and MCA banned him for five years. Recently a case was also filed against him for smoking in public in Rajasthan.

But now it seems like he has realized his mistake and he apologizes to his fans and family.

“I abused but I had a reason for it…how much angry or disturbed you are, you cannot subject it to your audience or children…I don’t think I am a role model…,”

Shah Rukh told reporters

“Saal ke andar ek jhagda aur do films kaafi hai ,I was very ashamed when my wife and children explained to me that I shouldn’t have behaved in that way…I realised, mere bache itne bade ho gaye hain ki muje samjha rahe hain, I was ashamed,”

he added.