News|December 19, 2012 4:45 pm

I am a little more excited than Salman for Dabangg 2: Arbaaz Khan

arbaaz khan

Arbaaz Khan, who has turned a director with the film Dabangg 2, says that he is more excited for the film’s release than his superstar brother.

I am a little more excited than Bhai (Salman) because this is my first film as a director and Salman is like a veteran (actor) now. He has witnessed huge success. So he is going to be just normal, I might be a little over excited.

Arbaaz said.

Arbaaz, also feels it is easy to work with family, but it is important to maintain professionalism.

It becomes very easy to work with the family and there are many advantages of it. But on the set, Salman was an actor and I was a director. Salman was a superstar actor and I was a debutante director – so we maintained that equation throughout the shooting.

Arbaaz said.

If he had to discuss something, he did it… but it was all for the film, not to prove that ‘I am elder to you or I am a superstar.

he added.

The director also adds that he would like to be acknowledged for his work.

If the film runs, people will say the film had Salman, and besides it is a sequel to ‘Dabangg’, so it had to run. But people should say we can see the director’s effort and that is my challenge.

he said.

‘Dabangg 2’ also features Sonakshi Sinha and Prakash Raj and will release on 21st December.