News|May 10, 2011 9:43 pm

Hrithik wont be dancing for Agneeepath

For his upcoming fillum Agneepath, a Karan Johar production, Hrithik has not danced at all in the whole movie,

The Character demands it so, Hrithik’s character is a gangster, and that is why the dancing star does not have any dance move in the film,

Hrithik has done a few steps in one of the songs but he was asked to dance like a complete non dancer,

Sources confirmed the news,

Yes, Hrithik won’t be showing off his dancing skills in the film because it doesn’t suit his role. But he has done a few steps in one of the songs shot recently.

He was given a brief that he has to forget his dance skills and dance like a total novice.

Must say, Hrithiks dance fans will be disappointed from Agneepath.