News|December 28, 2010 11:05 am

Hrithik to Persuade King Khan to Quit Smoking!

Is Hrithiuk involved into Social Cause? Well, at least for Bollywood celebs. Hrthik Roshan, who started smoking to give a realistic look to his character in Guzaarish, decided to quit smoking on the last day of the shoot. But now, he has decided to persuade Shahrukh Khan as well to quit smoking.

Earlier Hrithik managed to persuade Arjun Rampal to quit smoking. So Arjun Rampal isn’t lighting up cigarettes anymore, courtesy Hrithik Roshan. Now he wants to achieve the impossible. He wants Shahrukh Khan to put off the cigarettes forever. Though, it is a tough task but Hrithik has not given up. He is ready to offer all the company and support Shahrukh might need.

When asked how he managed to quit smoking, the actor replied,

“I started with the excuse of it being a part of the character two years ago with the idea that I’ll stop after the film. I’ve always loved exploring with different experiences but a true adventurer needs courage and a will of iron. I love throwing challenges at myself and this was tough, but I’ve conquered it and grown stronger in the process. It’s empowering.”

Hope Hrithik succeeds in his mission, so that Shahrukh won’t get any warnings from moral police for his smoking in public places.