News|November 29, 2011 8:11 pm

Hrithik Roshan talks about his upcoming films and film industry

In an interview, Hrithik Roshan answered few questions about how he was injured and now back on track, how he thinks he stands infront of big names like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan,

Talking about his Injury during Krrish 2, Hrithik said,

We all have to at some point of our life start respecting human body that we use to satisfy all the pleasures in life, If you don’t it says, ‘hey, I need to be taken care of’, because I have abused my body so much , it just retaliate, it says ‘if you are not gonna take care I am gonna take it back’,

I am back on track now the first bit of shoot was really good,

Hrithik was not at all ready for a remake but when he heard the narration of new Agneepath, he couldn’t stop saying Yes, But he doesn’t want to give hopes to the audience to bring the same old Agneepath magic back, he said,

If you are expecting me to do waht Mr.Bachchan has done than you will be really dissappointed because I am not him, I can’t, I am not that talented, I am not that tall (Chuckles),

when I was offered the film, I was very certain in my head that I don’t want to do a remake of any film, because its already been done, and its been classified as one of the classsic, when the director started nurrating the film to me it was completely new film, the character, the emotions, the scren play, that hit me so hard that inspite of against doing remake, I couldn’t help my self but say Yes,

Hrithik was asked, how do you take films that the khan’s and other actors still do at the age of 50, do you compare and see these films as a revenue generation ? because they dont really have a script,

Its business, for me it’s important for their to be a balance where you cater to certain demand, and at the same time you satisfy your need, to evolve and to grow and to take cinema forward,

It works for me when two aspects are amalgemated into one project, I have been sort of pushed a bit in doing films which cater to a demand completely, but I don’t have the talent and courage to do that, because I will fail, I don’t concider myself as a good actor, I can not act, I can just be real.