News|May 11, 2012 1:08 pm

How Important is Irrfan’s Role in “The Amazing Spiderman”?

After the news of Irrfan Khan Signing “The Amazing Spiderman”, fans were not so excited because we saw what role Anil Kapoor had in Mission Impossible 4.

But now we’ve heard an official statement has been passed that Irrfan has an important role in the movie and fans are pretty much excited about it.

Irrfan is playing the role of Dr Ratha, who works closely with Dr Connors at Oscorp. Now Spidey fans will surely know Oscorp and Dr Connors who had a wrong experiment and turned himself into The Lizard but what role does Dr Ratha plays in this? The stills from the movies show that Irrfan has quite an important role but no one is sure about the screen time Irrfan’s character has.

Anyway we are pretty happy for Irrfan as he is a talented actor representing Bollywood on an international project.