News|May 16, 2010 9:13 pm

Hiss Releasing on 15th August, Independence Day

Hiss a Mallika Sherawat Fillum which was supposed to be released on Independence Day, 15th August 2010, is not yet released and the makers of the fillum has announced the new date 15th October, 2010,

Hiss is a Jennifer Lynch directed Hollywood movie including Hollywood and Bollywood actors, the lead of the fillum is Mallika Sharawat who plays a snakewoman in the movie,

Also the tallented actor Irfan Khan is roped in as one of the important characters, the story line is based on a snakewoman who extracts her revenge for killing her mate, which happened in 2000 BC. After 4000 years, the snakewoman is reborn and the enemy also is reborn in the same period.
Now the snakewoman has the ability to masquerade as a human according to her will.

Hiss will be another snake fillum after Anaconda in Hollywood, its a thriller, suspense, & revenge movie, it has flashback scenes are about the snakewomens past in 2000 BC,
Jennifer Lynch has casted Bollywood and Hollywood artistes together in the movie, Thekkady is chosen in Mumbai for Jungle scenes of 2000 BC in Mumbai, and Thekkady is the location first time use for a Hollywood fillum to shoot.

The Director has also roped in tribal leader Mooppan Raghavan and nearly one dozen tribal people in the movie.
This is a challenging role for Mallika because she has to express her emotions through her eyes and other body language. As snakes have their own peculiar set of senses, Mallika will have to convey her sentiments and thoughts through emotions, without the help of words or sentences. Even when she transforms to human form from snake form, Mallika will have to keep mum and express herself without words. While Mallika Sherawat plays the female lead.

The Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch has made movies like Boxing Helena and Surveillance earlier.

Check out some Photos of the movie Hiss: