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Hamesha I Will Love You

Hamesha I Will Love You is a Revathy S Varma directed fillum which was earlier titled as ‘Chaasni’ and changed to ‘Hamesha I Will Love You’ on Jaya Bachchan’s Request as she found the title too Sweet.

Yes.. Jaya Bachchan, She is the key character on whom the fillum is based, Hamesha I Will Love You star cast is Jaya Bachchan, Manisha Koirala, Raveena Tandon, Ayesha Takia Azmi, R.Madhavan and Ranvir Shorey in the lead roles.

Hamesha I Will Love You is a remake of the 2005 hit Tamil film ‘June R’, The story is about an adopted mother abandoned by her son,

The fillum has seen many ups and downs before it started, first it was the main actors Jaya Bachchan and Ayesha Takia who plays mother and daughter’s role were busy with their respectiv personal work, hence the shoot started two days late, infect Ayesha was not even sure if she would be able to do the fillum or not,

Director Revathy said,
It would have started two days earlier. But my cast got busy with Ganesh Chaturthi.

Talking about Ayesha’s character, Revathy said,
I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing that role. If you remember Jyothika has done the part in the original. And Ayesha has the same childlike warmth and a nurturing quality to her personality. I couldn’t think of anyone else.

It was Genelia Desauza first choice for Daughter’s character, then why Ayesha?,
Yes we did think of her. But Genelia is a very busy and a big star. It wasn’t the money we’ve paid all the actors their market price.

Not wasting time, Revathy took the shots of Madhavan when she was waiting for Jaya Bachchan and Ayesha,

Madhavan also had decided to opt out of the fillum thinking that his role is small as compared to other stars,
Talking about the same issue, Revathy said,
But what to do? It’s very difficult to get male stars for female-oriented films. We’ve paid Maddy a crore, out of which he has already received Rs.25 lakhs. He has already shot for five days with us.

In such situation Ranvir played the Grey character in the fillum,
It’s a grey part of a son who abandons his mother,

Revathy is happy about the new title of the fillum thanking Jaya bachchan, she said,
We called the film Chassni. But Jayaji put her foot down, said the title was too sweet. So we’ve a new title Hamesha I Will Love You.

Having the Male actors issue sorted out Revathy faced new issue of Vidya Malvade taking place of Urvashi Sharma,

Urvashi Sharma was supposed to play the role of Ranvir Shorey’s wife but was replaced by Vidya Malvade,

this happened because of Urvashi’s un-professionalism according to Revathy,

But when asked Urvashi, she said,
I can’t understand how I can be accused of un-professionalism when the makers of this film have been the most unprofessional. Their very first cheque bounced even before the first schedule. This wouldn’t happen to Jayaji’s cheque because she’s a legend, or Raveena Tandon or Ayesha Takia because they’re both established names. Only my cheque bounced. Why?.
I’ve nothing against Revathy. I blame the producers for being so unprofessional.

Now this issue was on the verge to get ended, the director had complains agains Sonal Chauhan for spreading false rumours and causing problems for the project.

Revathy said,
Sonal was never approached for Ayesha’s role.She was asked to do Urvashi’s role. When she opted out we asked Priyanka Kothari who loved the character. But somehow it didn’t work out. Now we’ve got Vidya Malvade to do it. I wish people would let me make my film in peace. Urvashi behaved as though she’s a big star. We couldn’t really afford her tantrums.

Well now the fillum is being shot with the finalised actors and hopefully will end peacefully and release on time.

All the best to the whole team of ‘Hamesha I Will Love You’.

Here is the Cast of the fillum Hamesha I Will Love You: