News|March 16, 2011 9:17 pm

Govinda Excited about Narmada’s Debut

Finally, Govinda admitted that his daughter Narmadda will be launched in April. The upcoming actress would be launched in film called, Manchali. Govinda is so excited about his daughter Narmadda’s debut that he’s eager willing and determined to play any role that is offered to him in the film. He says,

“I’ve told the filmmakers that I’m at their service for anything that they need. Bhai beti ka sawaal hai. Hum beti wale hain. Whatever is required I’ll do. I’m willing to play even a small role in Nammo (Narmadda)’s debut film.”

Apparently director Lovely Singh is now modifying the script to accommodate Govinda in the role of his own daughter’s father. When contacted Govinda initially tried to conceal his daughter’s debut plans saying nothing has been finalized. A little later he called back to say it’s all in place and that it happened in his absence.

“I had only heard the first draft of the script.I was in Gujarat. I’ve just returned .So I wasn’t aware that Nammo heard the full script and loved it. Her co-star is boxer Vijender Singh who’s a good-looking chap. Nammo and Vijender make a good pair…and you can’t blame me for being protective about her debut.”

Though the film stars a boxer the film has nothing to do with sports. Govinda says,

“It’s an out-and-out love story. No sports at all. We waited so long for Nammo’s debut because we didn’t want her to make the wrong start. We’re convinced this is the right project for her. She will have to work hard to prove herself. I just don’t want her to struggle the way I did. I’m still struggling.”

About his own role in Narmadda’s debut film Govinda says,

“I just want to be there for my own happiness. To watch my child finally face the camera is joyous enough. To be in the same frame as her is double joy. I couldn’t have asked for more.”