News|November 27, 2010 11:00 pm

Giselle Speaks Fluent Hindi!

Can anyone believe that this foreign lady cxan talk fluent Hindi on the sets of Roshan Abbas’ directorial venture ” Always Kabhi Kabhi”? Giselle Monteiro is working in Red Chillies Entertainment production, in Lucknow. Interestingly, Giselle is speaking fluent Hindi.
Actress Preetika Chawla, who also stars in the film and was here to shoot along with TV actor Satyajit Dubey,  says,

I was shocked to hear Giselle not only talking to us in Hindi but also understanding what we were saying. She is really intelligent and whenever we sat together on lunch breaks, all of us wanted to hear her talk in Hindi! It is so cool to hear this language from a Brazilian model. She sounds so cute.”

The weather this time was way too tricky. Since the movie is based on college life, we were supposed to wear short skirts and because of the chill, we were all shivering. But yes, one thing that we all thoroughly enjoyed were the morning rains, though I couldn’t have my favourite Tundey ke kebabs and biryani as I wasn’t well.”

The three-day shooting schedule included shooting at La Martiniere Boys College, at the Westend Mall in Gomtinagar and at a non-descript street also in Gomtinagar.