News|May 11, 2012 6:54 pm

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Not everyone is rivals in Bollywood, some are good friends too like Akki and John and for the sake of friendship John is gifting Akki a black Harley Davidson.Recently John who has done back to back three films with Akki has promised to gift Akki a high end bike for the success of their third film Housefull 2.

Now that the movie Housefull 2 has crossed the mark of 100 Crores, John is sticking by his promise and is planning to buy a black Harley Davidson.

All this started when John discovered Akki’s passion for mean machines on the sets of Desi Boys, it was then decided that a bike would an appropriate gift.

Although the bike will reach Akki by Tuesday, he can’t hit the road until and unless he gets a specific number plate.