News|May 12, 2011 12:41 pm

Farah Khan in Book

Kanika Dhillon who is a screenplay/dialogue writer of Ra.One has written a fictional book named Bombay Duck Is A Fish which has real life character in it has Farah Khan too,

Dhillon knows Farah Khan via Shah Rukh Khan, Kanika also had assisted Farah during Om Shanti Om.

Source said,

During OSO, Kanika had an opportunity to observe the choreographer-director from close quarters. When she began writing the book, she couldn’t help but sketch a character around her.

Farah Said,

I know Kanika has written a book. She has told me about it. But I am not aware that there is a character based on me. The character better be flattering as I was an extremely good boss to her.

Also Kanika said,

I don’t want to give too much away right now. But many characters have been inspired by real life people in my book and of course Farah has always been a mentor and an inspiration.

The book also has Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite like from his film Ra.One which goes : Some superheroes wear a mask, this one wears a heart.