News|December 11, 2010 10:41 am

Esha Deol Doing Multitasking for Tell Me Oh Khuda

If Aamir Khan can do multiple jobs for his films, then Esha Deol can also do the same. The actress is also handling multiple doing her mother, Hema Malini’s film, Tell Me Oh Khuda. The actress is not only assisting her mother in direction but also she is chief technical advisor and editor for the film. Esha says,

“I’ve learnt plenty on the technical side of filmmaking during Tell Me Oh Khuda. But it’s a bit early for me to change lanes.”

While Hema confirms that Esha is involved with the film’s editing, the youngster said:

“I’m helping mom out. Yeah, I am sitting on the editing. Throughout ‘Tell Me Oh Khuda’ I was an assistant. I’ve learnt so much from behind the camera. Now I’m learning how to edit. So this film has been a perfect training ground for me.”

The 29-year-old Esha doesn’t rule out the possibility of direction.

“I know I can direct a film anytime.”