News|June 16, 2010 10:44 pm

Esha: An Action Lady

Esha Deol has performed some terrific nailbiting action sequences along with her co-actor Arjan Bajwa for her upcoming movie “Tell Me Oh Khuda. Produced by her star mother Hema Malini and directed by Mayur Puri, the movie is considered as comeback project of Esha.

The scenes were shot at Mormugao in Goa in which the stars were perched on the iron ore barges along the waterfront in a risky manner. They both performed themselves without any duplicates. The sequence had Arjan who portrays a photographer in the movie came out to save his ladylove (Esha).

Arjan shot the scene without any second thoughts. He says,

“But when I came back to the location the next day, I realised what I had done. There were those mammoth barges and the water. One wrong step and it would be dangerous. But thankfully everything went off well.”

Arjan faced no difficulties in doing this sequence as he is a black belt in Taekwondo. He remarked,

I had to jump from one level of the barge to another. The iron barges have uneven, rough surfaces so my landings had to be perfect. I was suspended with a hook and the places where I had to jump were narrow and small. So everything had to be just right.”

But it was brave Esha who did the stunts on her own. Both the actors enjoyed doing the risky scenes. Arjan says

“Here was a chance to do parkour so I was game for it. I must say that it was brave of Esha too to do the shots. She is a genuine, hardworking girl.”