News|October 7, 2010 11:20 pm

Emraan Hashmi Working in Three Sequels

No doubt Emraan Hashmi has influenced directors with his acting skills that’s why directors have now approached him for sequels as well. Next year, Emraan will be started in the second part of Murder, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Jannat, all of which are super hit at the box-office.

The 31-year-old actor is excited for being part of three sequels. He says,

“The script of the second part of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is getting written out. So right now, there is no confirmation when it will start, but it’s definitely on.”

“The sequel of Jannat too will start next year. Kunal Deshmukh is still scripting it. We will try and make it bigger and better than the original Jannat. In this one he will deal with another area of match-fixing.”

But the actor threw some light on Murder’s sequel, and said,

“We are working on the sequel of Murder too. We will start shooting for that in November this year.”

When asked what made him sign on to so many sequels, the actor explained,

“I’m not doing the sequels just because the first part was a hit. It’s very important that when a sequel is being made the script is good, it’s important that it’s better than the first part because people expect it from the film. There is more responsibility. Keeping all that in mind, I then said ‘yes’ for the films.”

As of now the actor is busy in promotions of his latest upcoming flick, Crrok, which also stars Neha Sharma and Arjan Bajwa.