News|July 22, 2010 10:13 pm

Emraan Hashmi Likes Doing Negative Characters

Emraan Hashmi is the only actor who has played negative characters in his career but still called ‘hero’. Isn’t amazing? Well the actor who plays most of the time carefree man, spoilt, brat, but still he is not in mood to change his stereotype image.

When it was asked from the actor why he has been doing same kind of role year  by year, Emraan says,

“Nobody asks this question to Shahrukh Khan, while for the past 20 years he has been doing romantic roles on the screen. However, these questions make no difference since he is successful in his field and people adore him.”

“Actually, audience wants to see every actor from a certain point of view. So, there are certain advantages of staying in limits.”

“We make movies to entertain people. I don’t think that my movies can change the world. I am successful in my field and I work in my own style. I have competition with myself and I am my own critic.”

The actor, Emraan loves doing anti-hero kind roles and he believes that romantic and comedy kind roles don’t suit him.