News|December 8, 2011 5:28 pm

Emraan and Vidya to be paired again

Looking at the popularity of the film ‘The Dirty Picture’ Ekta Kapoor decided to make yet another film with Emraan Hashmi as the lead,

Ekta Kapoor will soon announce her yet another production after the formalities of signing the film are done,

Source said,

Yes, Ekta and Emraan are all set to collaborate again, Announcement around this would be made in January and the film would also mark a hat trick for the producer-actor team which has now enjoyed a double bill with The Dirty Picture and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai.

Unline The Dirty Picture, even the next film of Ekta will have Emraan as a solo lead,

Source said,

Emraan agreed to do The Dirty Picture despite it being a Vidya Balan film since he found his characterisation quite interesting. Also, he had never played a role like this before. However, for his next film with Ekta, he would most likely be seen as a solo lead. Both of them understand that audience did feel a little void when Emraan wasn’t present right through the narrative of The Dirty Picture. For their next film together, both Emraan as well as Ekta would want to compensate for that,

Emraan also has confirmed that he is doing next film with Ekta Kapoor, he said,

Yes, we should be announcing a film in January. I have loved working with Ekta and after Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and The Dirty Picture, we are hoping for many more blockbusters to come.

Emraan did not reveal much about the film and cast, but a friend said,

He consciously stepped back a little in The Dirty Picture where Vidya was clearly the central protagonist. Everyone knows though how greedy he is as an actor when it comes to playing the central character. He has already done it once for Ekta, now for how long do you expect him to keep the lid on his greed and ambition when it comes to rising up the ladder ?

According to sources Vidya Balan is also a part of the film as lead, well it will be confirmed once Ekta Kapoor announce everything officially.