News|May 12, 2011 12:28 pm

Ekta Adds Hanuman Chalisa in Ragini MMS Prints

Ekta Kapoor when did not receive the delivery of her films prints on Tuesday Night, she immedietly decided to add the Devotional song Hanuman Chalisa in all the 600 Prints before the movie starts,

Inetially Ekta was supposed to sing the song but later it was decided that Pandit Sukhdev Chaturvedi will be singing the Chalisa,

Whole track was recorded in one and half hour and now has been attached to the prints,

Source said,

Many accidents and freak incidents took place on the sets while shooting for Ragini MMS and even during post-production and promotions. That could have prompted her latest decision.

Also when asked Ekta, she said,

I am so spooked by what’s been happening…. Ragini MMS has taken a lot out me emotionally. The shoot was draining enough and then when I saw it for the first time, I was terrified! I love horror but I have taken lots of precautions for this paranormal thriller to ensure its safe release!

Source also said,

A lot of concerned parties had warned Ekta against making a paranormal thriller since anything supernatural would attract a lot of negative energy but she was very keen on the film.