News|May 21, 2010 5:12 pm

Education is the base for everything: Aamir Khan

Amir Khan Mr. Perfectionist wants every child to be a perfectly educated, he want everyone must have the access to education.

At an event to launch the special anniversary issue of Forbes magazine, Amir Khan Said,

For me, education is the big idea. I think that it’s the base for everything. When I say education, I mean education for all. When I say education, I also mean not just teaching the children any one particular subject but allowing them to bloom.
Allowing and recognizing the uniqueness of each child, and helping each and every child to blossom…to empower children, and that is what I mean by education.

He continued saying,

India is a vast country and I know it is not easy but that will be the big change. I think when every child in India gets education and a certain quality of education…what I mean by quality is really the kind of teachers we have, or the kind of teaching we do, For that, it is up to us, how much value as a society we give to teaching and if we give a lot of value to teaching, then the teaching will also improve.