News|July 13, 2012 10:57 am

Don’t link my son to Iman: Imtiaz Ali’s father

Soon after the news of Imtiaz Ali’s split with his wife broke out,it expectedly created a ripple in his family in Jamshedpur. Said Mansoor Ali, Imtiaz Ali’s father,

Imtiaz has gone to Belgium for a conference on international film promotion. He hasn’t told us anything about a rift with Preety. Yeh unke aapas ki baat ho toh pata nahi. Problems happen in all marriages and one should handle things in a dignified manner. Imtiaz and Preety are mature individuals. I am sure they will be able to handle the matter with grace. If any marriage is crumbling, there must be various reasons for it. Just the presence or absence of someone doesn’t break a marriage. As soon as Imtiaz returns from Belgium, we will ask him about the issue.

Mansoor, however, was upset with rumours linking his son with Pakistani model and actor Iman Ali.

It wouldn’t be fair to link Imtiaz with anyone. Everyone is aware of the image Imtiaz has. Saying that he is involved with another lady is undignified

he said.

On being asked about Imtiaz’s next trip to Jamshedpur for his younger brother Sajid Ali’s wedding anniversary on October 9, he said,

As of now, we don’t have any fixed date for his arrival. It’s his home and he can come down whenever he wants to.