News|April 16, 2012 11:20 am

Don’t compare me with Emraan: Kunal Khemu

Facing the angry media, that was left waiting for almost three hours, is not an easy job. But Kunal Khemu, who visited Ahmedabad for a promotional trip recently, handled it rather well.

The actor hit the right chord as he spoke in Gujarati, taking people by surprise. He says with pride,

Though I can speak only tooti futi Gujarati, I can understand it completely.

Kunal, who had just finished feasting on ‘thali’ for dinner, says,

I love the food here, especially the thali as there are so many chotti chotti katories and various dishes.I have a lot of Gujarati friends and so the love and connection with the language and food has developed rather well.

Rarely does it happen that a child artist in Bollywood goes on to become a lead actor. But with hits like Golmaal 3 and Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, for which Kunal was also nominated for best comedian, Kunal Khemu seems to have broken that jinx and paved his way to success. He attributes this to the roles he did as a child artist saying,

I was lucky that I got roles that were about me as a character and not just the childhood character of the hero. People always told me that Kalyug wasn’t the right choice, but it did well and now I think people have accepted me in the lead.

His first film as a lead actor was back in 2005. Since then Kunal has tried various genres from comedy to sex thriller and the fear of not being accepted seems to have faded with time. He says,

I don’t know if people had any expectations from me. I was just aware of my own expectations from myself, which I am still working on. I am a greedy person and I want to do more work and I want to do it better. Since I already have done comedy and thriller movies, now I want to test waters in other genres as well, like an outright rom-com.

Kunal’s recent movie Blood Money did see him in a different avatar which got much talked about the hot scenes between him and Mia Uyeda. There were also questions about him replacing the original serial kisser from the Bhatt camp. We probed him about the same and Kunal dismissed it all saying,

There is no comparison between both of us. We both are very different kind of actors and have done different kind of cinema. I have been associated with the Bhatt camp from the days of Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. So my association goes a long time back.

So why did he disassociate himself? He is quick to respond saying, “I had been waiting for the right script.

Since his last film, Golmaal 3, Kunal might not have been active on-screen. But he has been in the news for the developments in his personal relations with Soha Ali Khan. Though he has been open about his relation, there have been speculations about him moving in with Soha. But he again dismisses the rumours saying,

Just like there are many rumours created by the media, this is also one of them. And marriage also seems like a distant happening in his life. I am still not settled in my career and so I am not thinking of marriage at this point in time. I want to concentrate on my career first.