News|November 9, 2012 11:31 am

Documentaries can also be interesting: Javed Jafri

Actor Jaaved Jaaferi, founder and chairman of Indian Documentary Foundation (IDF), feels that even documentaries can be made in an interesting manner to attract more audiences.

Documentaries can also be made in an interesting manner. Michael Moore is a famous documentary filmmaker and he has also seen commercial success. His documentaries also earned money and the point he wanted to make was always bang on.

he said.

The actor spoke on the occassion of the three-day knowledge forum which will be attended by eminent personalities. Jaaved says,

We will bring together documentary filmmakers, encourage them, we will bring international documentary makers to train them and increase the documentary making levels. We will also try to assimilate funds to make documentaries and also to incorporate documentaries in mainstream.

We may have to take support from Bollywood and stars. There are people who want to support but they don’t know what to do. So IDF’s(Indian Documentary Foundation) motive is to bring up documentaries which mirror reality and show them to people so that there is a consciousness.

he added. Jaaved feels films and documentaries are a way of bringing various issues of society in public’s eye.

To sit with a candle under a Gandhi statue makes no sense, you have to enter the area where the real problem is. It doesn’t create a solution. We have to be practical. Filmmaker makes a film, he makes a point. ‘3 Idiots’, he made a point and it had an effect. So this is our medium, he is doing his work and I am doing mine, everyone is doing their bit.

he said.

Jaaved’s production documentary ‘Inshallah, Football’ bagged the National Award for best film on social issues this year. It was directed by Ashvin Kumar.