News|October 23, 2009 8:43 pm

Dino, Lara lash each other


Generally cine-stars have a tendency to remain mum about their relationships. They do not accept that they are seeing each other, even after their break up they maintain , they never were into a relationship. But it seems, now that times are changing, what with fillum stars being more vocal and transparent about their personal lives.

The reason which has prompted these comments are that Lara and Dino are not seeing each other anymore. Well, this had to happen considering the fact that after her recent movies, including Partner and Blue, Lara was getting more and more successful by the day, whereas poor Dino did not quite make it to the A-list, yet. So when recently Lara was posed with a question about their relationship she replied that, ” Just by going on two dates and a dinner does not make you a couple”.When Dino heard Lara’s reply, he got disheartened and said “What can I say now? I wonder what we shared all the while then?”

Agreed, Lara is happy with current beau Mahesh Bhupathi and Dino with Nandita Mahtani, but still, guys, you can show some sort of respect to your ex-es, right? Until and unless this is a ploy just to be in news!