News|September 15, 2010 10:42 pm

Dibakar’s Next ‘Shanghai’: A Political Thriller

After giving a new definition to Indian Cinema through LSD, Dibakar Banerjee is all set to come with political thriller, Shanghai, which he calls it one of the most violent films in the Industry ever made. The flick will be adapted from the 1966 book ‘Z’ by Vassilis Vassilikos.

The latest Buzz is that’s Emraan Hashmi & Abhay Deol will together first time in Dibakar’s Shanghai. Talking about how he got an idea of Shanghai, Banerjee says,

“Even while making Love Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD), I was planning ahead. I haven’t decided which one I will make next though.”

Describing about his latest flick, Dibakar says,

“Like ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka’ was my most provocative film, ‘Shanghai’ will probably be the most violent film that I’ve done. By violent I do not mean short circuit, people being killed, or decomposed bodies. With violence, I mean emotional violence.”

“It (Shanghai) is written by Urmi Juvekar and me. We have adapted it from a book called ‘Z’ and that book was the source of another French film about 40 years ago.”

“The film is about politics which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s about politicians. In India, we associate political thrillers only with politicians. But it’s about politics all round us.”

“There are so many incidents that happen with us every day. When we leave the house, we don’t know what will happen to us today. There is a lot of uncertainty; you never know suddenly what breaks out. The film is about how you and I are at the receiving end of politics.”

Banerjee has not yet confirmed the cast of the film.  PVR Pictures will produce the flick and will go on the floor March 2011. When asked about why he chosen such unusual name for the flick, he answered,

“I know the film has a very different name but I am known to do things differently. It is an interesting title because the film doesn’t have a single scene of Shanghai. But when you’ll see the film, you’ll come to know about the connection.”

The 40-year-old, who usually makes small-budget films, also revealed that ‘Shanghai’ would have a reasonable budget. The filmmaker said,

“The budget of this film is quite big as compared to my earlier films. It’s a medium- budget film. I’m a middle-class Bengali and I always feel very apologetic that I’m making the film on someone else’s money. Therefore I try not to waste money.