News|July 18, 2010 5:21 pm

Dhobi Ghaat

Dhobi Ghaat is Next Amir Khan starer fillum Directed by Kiran Rao, Amir’s Wife,

Its a Debut of Kiran Rao as a Director, Apart from Amir, Dhobi Ghat also has stars Dan Husain and Pratiek Babbar as the lead in the movie.

Pratik Babbar is the son of Smita Patil and Raj Babbar the great actors of their time,

Amir Plays the role of a painter in Dhobi Ghat, its a low budget fillum and that is why Amir was not able to get the lead role, Amir tried alot to get the role but was refused by the Director Kiran Rao,

The entire fillum is shot in Mumbai.

Pre-Production is completed , Post-Production work is going on, now if its Amir Khan working for Kiran its so obvious its gonna be a perfect and flawless movie,

and that is the reason Kiran is always smiling, she is extremely happy that she has got what she had expected.

As the reports says, its a low budget fillum, Amit is showing living and working in a tiny studio apartment in a noisy neighborhood of Mumbai.

When asked Amir about the fillum, he said,

There are four lead roles and I am one of them. I have enjoyed working with Kiran. She is a creative director and Kiran has got what she wanted.

When asked about his role, he said,

Those were the days when I was shooting for Ghajini in Hyderabad. I called Kiran over there and told her to let me give one screen test. She need not sign me, I told her. Reluctantly, she agreed. And when I gave the screen test, Kiran was impressed. I brought out different sides of the character which she hadn’t imagined, Still, she didn’t agree to sign him up but kept looking for the lead actor.

Wondering what must be the reason for rejecting Amir Khan,
we found out that According to kiran Dhobi Ghaat is a small budget film with not so popular artists and some new faces and signing Aamir will definitely cause distraction in production of movie.

But somehow Mr.Perfectionist got the role.

Amir Khan is one specialty of the Fillum and the second special thing about the Dhobi Ghat is the Music, the Music of Dhobi Ghat will be given by the Music Composer Gustavo Santaolalla,

Amir convinced Gustavo Santaolalla the famous music composer from Arjentina to give music to his fillum Dhobi Ghat,

Gustavo has won many awards for his music at many different award shows, his music has one Best Original Background Score at many award shows as well.
His music has made a great impact on the audience and the industry at BAFTA and Grammy too,

When asked Gustavo about this Bollywood project, he said,
Both Kiran and Aamir believed that I can give perfect music to the film. Kiran, was in Los Angeles to show me the film. I liked it and came here. I am trying to combine various Indian instruments with my aesthetics to compose music that goes well with the film and also establishes my identity as an artist. I never knew that people here know my work so well and I even have some fans here.

If Amir has chosen Gustavo then their is sure shot something special coming up for the audience,

so the end of the year 2010 will not be disappointing for the audience, because Dhobi Ghat is releasing by the end of 2010.

The audience will get to see something good on the Big Screen.