News|December 15, 2011 3:42 pm

Dhanush wants to cast Hrithik in his directorial debut

Dhanush the son in law of south superstar Rajinikanth has announced that he is going to debut in Bollywood, Dhanush might directing a bollywood film, but he wishes to work with Hrithik Roshan as the lead of the film that he directs,

Source said,

A few days back, Dhanush was in Mumbai and he met some people regarding his project. He has a few names in mind and Hrithik is on the top of his list. This is a big budget fantasy flick and he needs someone larger-than-life who can carry off the film.

Dhanush said,

When I say I am directing, I cannot even think of acting in the same space. It’s my dream project and I want to give it my all. So I’d rather just focus on one thing. Though I think it is too premature to talk about the film, I am definitely finalising the story and looking at some big names to cast.

Dhanush wants to direct a fantasy flick in Bollywood, it will be a worth watching film if Hrithik says yest for the film as he has already worked in a scifi film for his father, audience will be easily relate Hrithik to the fantasy film.

Dhanush is expecting to start the film by the end of 2012.