News|December 6, 2011 11:39 am

Dev Anand was keen to make an extension of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’

Dev Anand’s mind that was always thinking about only Cinema and alwyas had new stories to tell the world, also had the story for the extension of his film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ back in his mind,

Taran Adarsh writes,

My last interaction with the legend was during the release of his film CHARGESHEET. In mid-September, I received a call from Dev-saab, who wanted to chat with me about his new film and his plans for the future. This was one opportunity I didn’t want to miss. We fixed a date and time. Unfortunately, the shoot had to be called off since he wasn’t feeling too well on that particular day. But the evergreen star gave another appointment and lived up to it. He seemed weak as he walked out of his car, but the enthusiasm was captivating. I haven’t seen my television crew respond to any actor the way they responded to Dev-saab that evening.

Even though Dev Anand had plans to make the extension of the film he denied categorically that he was planning a remake.

Dev Anand said,

Can you remake GONE WITH THE WIND? Can you make WEST SIDE STORY again? Because if you do make a remake, you make it with the conviction that you’re making a hit, but what’s the guarantee ki us waqt chali thhee, to aaj bhi chalegi? You’re admitting to yourself and to the world that you’ve no other idea but to make a remake. Accept the defeat that you’re money conscious and not theme conscious,

Talking about how ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ came in to existant, he said,

Dada Burman [S.D. Burman] was not just a music director, but was almost like a pillar of Navketan. Every time I decided to make a film, I’d go to Dada Burman. ‘Dada, this is my story idea. Do you like it?’ ‘Haan, definitely banao’, ‘Bilkul na banao’, he’d react instantly. When I told him about HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA, he said, ‘Dev, yeh bhai-behn ka ajeeb angle hain, hippies ka. Kyun banate ho? ‘ I was disappointed then, but I saw his son [R.D. Burman] sitting next to him. I told him, ‘Dada, if you have even a bit of hesitation, please allow me to take Pancham [R.D. Burman] for the film. The subject is truly interesting and I want to make it. That’s how Pancham stepped into the picture,

The dream unfortunately is incomplete now, but wonder if it will be fulfilled by his son Sunil in future.