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Deepika scarified her hair for Karthik Calling Karthik

One of the new, pretty and most loved faces of bollywood Deepika Padukone has cut her hair for her upcoming movie Karthik Calling Karthik.

At first she was shocked thinking , ” oh, my hair ? dont cut cut them please “… but when the director Vijay Lalwani assured her to cut his hair too if she agree to cut hers, she said yes immediately, hmmm, isnt is funny? .. well yes, that was a joke from Vijay…

Jokes apart Deepika sportingly took this as a challenge not throwing any tantrums like other actresses and said yes to cut her hair and get a new look,  the director wass really happy with her attitude.

here is her new look

In a way, Deepika is right too, she is not just doing one movie at a time, she has other commitments too, but, she is in love with her this new hair cut and new look that she has got, believe me or not , she is so excited with it that she is thinking of not growing her hair again.

But if she has cut her hair for a movie then she will grow for another as well.

here are her feelings about her hair cut in her own words.