News|November 4, 2011 11:31 pm

Deepika approached by Olympics board to be their brand ambassador

Being from the sports background and looking at the growing popularity of Deepika Padukone, Olympic board has approached her to be the brand ambassador,

If Deepika is desired on a film magazzine than she is also deisred by all sports institutions to attract youngsters to sports or sporting activity. Also Deepika herself was a state level badminton player.

Deepika has also been the face of F1 in India, and now is been approached for a motivational campaign that is being worked upon for Olympics next year, she has also been approached for becoming the face of badminton in India. The Olympics Board wants her to promote and encourage young generation to take up sports in a big way.

Source said,

We are looking for a celebrity to promote sports. We need people to believe that if this person can achieve so much at such a young age so can they. In case of Deepika, she is a true young achiever. She has achieved so much at such a young age.

Being a sports person, Even Deepika is interested in the offer to motivate the young generation,

Deepika said,

My first love continues to be sports and I would love to do any campaign that encourages people to take up sports in our country,

Olympics official spokesperson said,

Yes she has been approached and in all meetings, the board has been saying that she is the only one they would like as she has a very strong bond with sports and achieved so much.