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Changing Lives; Changing Society – The Great Indian Butterfly

The society in India is changing day by day, and that is replicating in our movies as well, after ‘Delhi Heights’, The Great Indian Butterfly is another movie in this line. This is a story about Indian couple, who are climbing the ladder of corporate race. They are stressed, frustrated and unable to sacrifice anything for their corporate race.

It’s a story about Krish and Meera who are married together, but same time, not able to give time to each other. So, in search of a legendary magical peace their journey takes them from the smog filled, concrete jungle of the Megalopolis of Mumbai through the little discovered coastal landscapes of the western Sahyadris, to the sun soaked land of Goa. Here the couple loses more than what they want to rediscover. Unknown Portuguese explorer Carodiguez, in a remote valley located in erstwhile colonial Goa, the butterfly possesses a magical aura, granting immense happiness to the person who catches it.

In this journey, they try to find out the meaning of happiness. Many questions arise in their journey; can they survive the journey? Can it cost them their lives? Will the Great Indian Butterfly wreck havoc on their souls? Will there be redemption? Or is it a futile hunt for an answer to their crumbling lives? Is happiness a rare insect?

Cast:    Aamir Bashir, Koel Puri, Sandhya Mridul, Shibani Kashyap

Producer: Sanjay Gupta, Parth Arora

Director: Sarthak Das Gupta

Music Director: Deepak Pandit, Shibani Kashyap