News|January 4, 2011 11:38 pm

Celina Secretly Engages with Peter

When some actors are sound enough about their relationship, while some of them hide their relationship. Same with Celina Jaitley’s life as there are lot speculations going around about her relationship with Dubai-based hotelier Peter Haag.

The current news is that the lady has recently got engaged in her home with Peter Haag. The light-eyed actress also confessed about her beau’s existence for the first time,

“I have known Peter for the last couple of years. We met through my family and exchanged numbers but we started dating each other 10 months ago. I was superstitious about my relationship and that’s why I chose not to talk about it.”

“Except our families, nobody knew we were seeing each other. Yes we are in a committed relationship but we wanted to keep it under wraps as it’s personal and everything in my life is not up for display.”

Celina admits that Peter and she had a proper engagement ceremony at her house in Versova, Mumbai recently, in the presence of her parents, her best friend from Kolkata and her maternal uncle.

We exchanged rings and got engaged this year in front of my parents, during the auspicious time of Durga Puja.

His parents couldn’t come down for the ceremony but when I was in Austria for knee surgery, Peter and his parents came with me and took really good care of me.”

But actress denied the rumors of her marriage with Peter,

“My grandmother was shocked as we hadn’t told anyone about the engagement, except our parents. He’s a boy from another country and my grandparents are traditional.”

“I am not married to Peter. When I do get married we will be announcing it properly and in the right way. I have so many releases and endorsements coming up in the next couple of years that marriage is not on the cards yet. But Peter and I do plan to get married one day.

I hope now with the marriage rumours Peter doesn’t run away,”