News|July 9, 2010 10:55 pm

Boney, Sridevi: Asin’s god-parents

Asin is going through with her tough time. Though the actress started her career with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan but she has been facing lot of hiccups in her filmy career. Recently, she has been banned by South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA), and the actress became more anxious when she heard that she has been out from some of her upcoming flicks.

After seeing her daughter’s career, Asin’s father Joseph Thottumkal, reportedly contacted Boney Kapoor and his wife Sridevi to be his daughter, Asin’s Godparents. As per source,

“Someone advised the Thottumkals that things would move more smoothly for the actress if she had a Godfather,”

Boney Kapoor-Sridevi is not only well-established in Bollywood but also Asin’s neighbor. Asin, who has been shooting with Salman Khan in Colombo, has been in touch with Boney and Sridevi on a daily basis.

When it was asked to Boney, that if they adopted Asin, Boney jokingly said,

“Ha, ha, at this point I need to help myself.”

However, Asin said,

“I have grown very close to Sridevi. While I don’t think of her as my Godmother, I’m very dependent on her. She is my emotional anchor.”