News|May 5, 2010 3:49 pm

Boney Kapoor’s first Directorial Debut

Bony Kapoor is directing a fillum now, after years in the industry as a producer.

We have heard that the supper start Salman Khan will be the lead in the movie, but the sad part is wife Sridevi will not be directed by Bony in the filllum.

Bony said,

“It’s too much of a responsibility… too much stress. To do justice to Sri in my first film as a director would be really tough. We can’t separate our personal equation and become professionals on the sets. So no, I’m not directing Sri in my first film.”

Bony was supposed to direct Sridevi in the remake of Stepmom years ago, but,

“I wanted to cast Sri and Kajol as the older and younger women. I had even spoken to Kajol(who’s a big favourite of mine) about it. But look at the irony of it. Kajol is now playing the older woman and Bebo the younger one in Karan Johar’s adaptation of Stepmom.”

“It’s about time I took the plunge, and I am going to. Not too many people know I was an assistant director with Shakti Samanta on four movies (Mehbooba, Anand Ashram, The Great Gambler and the unreleased Maha Guru). I guess it was inevitable for me to finally go into direction.”