News|November 27, 2010 2:04 pm

Bombay Muumbai

Bombay Muumbai is Prem Raj’s film, its a love story of two people and their life from Bombay to Mumbai,

Its about Bombay turning into Mumbai and two people seperated in 1990’s and meeting after a gap of almost fifteen years in 2000 between the first and the second half.

The couple of the film are 23 year old and will be playing 38 year old in the second half of the fillum, Its the first time audiance will be seeing such young actors playing old peoples character.

it’s predominantly about the city fifteen years ago and how love stories were in Bombay and how the love gets transformed into Mumbai. the differences in the two time gaps and is Bombay better or is Mumbai better.

Talking about the film Raj said,

The film is going to start by the end of this year and it will be having new faces. I believe that the city is the main hero and the protagonist. So I’ve decided that I need new faces because the story is very strong. The male lead is decided but it’s too early to take his name as of now. I am still searching for the girl and will announce both their names once the female lead is locked. I am also in talks with the director which I will announce once we finalize him. I’ve seen Bombay in my early teens and I see it today too with the youths. Finally it’s a story about how love evolves in changing times.