News|October 3, 2012 11:40 am

Bollywood should be more serious about Oscars- Irfaan Khan

Irrfan Khan, who was last seen in Paan singh tomar, is receiving praises for his performance in the upcoming film Life Of Pi. The film is being termed ‘Oscar worthy’ by the international press.

Comparing the two Oscar-winning filmmakers he has worked with (Ang Lee and Danny Boyle), Irrfan says,

It was tougher to work with Ang Lee than Danny Boyle. Lee pushes you. He will be in India by the end of this month. The film is a strong contender for the Best Film Oscar this year. I wish we would be as serious about Oscars in our country! Oscars affect your market hugely. In spite of knowing that a few scenes from Barfi! have been copied, our film federation chose it over something which is original. How can that film stand a chance of making it to the nomination list?

At the same time, Irrfan Khan is also disappointed with his short appearance in the much-hyped The Amazing Spider-Man. Talking about the film, he says,

Almost 50% of my portions were eliminated from the film. I have no complaints as it was done for valid reasons and I was told about it in advance. I haven’t signed with them for the entire series. If I am approached, I will take the decision after studying my part.