News|April 5, 2012 9:53 am

Boldness doesn’t mean wearing a bikini: Paoli Dam

Right from the time the poster of her film Hate Story released, to the time the promos have been on air, lead actress of the film Paoli Dam has been looked at with shock and awe among her peers and fans alike.

Pushing the ‘boldness’ envelope in her film, Paoli says,

This movie’s an erotic thriller and how can we saw stay true to the subject if we don’t show bold sex scenes in film? And once you see the film, you will realize that these scenes form an integral part of the film’s plot. Moreover, I’ve always believed that boldness doesn’t mean wearing a bikini! Actresses have been doing it since long. Boldness is saying yes to a script which demands an actor doing something that’s not done before in mainstream films! This film is one of those!

However, doesn’t she think that these bold scenes may put the spotlight on her body rather than her acting talent? To this she says,

You just have to wait for the film to release. The people who watch me cannot ignore my acting!

While Paoli is confident of her acting skills , was she equally confident while shooting intimate, erotic scenes? She says,

The director Vivek Agnihotri ensured that we shot these scenes after a comfort level was established between the actors. So, we were all okay. In fact, many of the most intense moments in the films were preceded with a lot of laughter and fun!

Finally, isn’t she worried about being offered only bold and sexy roles in future? “I don’t think so,” says Paoli, adding,

I am playing Kavya in the film. What you see on screen is Kavya’s character, that’s not me! If I can play her with conviction, then it’s a victory for me – the actor. And I’m sure that’s what the audience and the industry will notice.