News|July 6, 2010 12:36 am

Bipsha, Next Bollyw’d Celebrity, Joins Twitter

After Aamir Khan, hot and sizzling lady, Bipsha Basu also joined the Twitter crew. The actress is using Twitter name, ‘bipsluvurself’, tweeted on her first day of her account.

“Hello guys! late entry in twitterverse but nevertheless am here now. A big thank you to all my fans for helping me become who I am today.”

The actress also added,

“I am happy to be here and hope I get to share my experiences better with you all now. But, I need to hear from you all too.”

One her day of joining Twitter account, Bollywood celebrities started welcoming her. Kunal Kapoor said,

“If you are wondering why its suddenly getting so hot on twitter, its cause Bipasha is now on @bipsluvurself.. Phew, the temp (temperature) is really rising!!”

Karan Johar wrote: “BIPASHA BASU @bipsluvurself on twitter 2day!!!

Priyanka Chopra wrote: “Welcoming one of the most wonderful and gorgeous people I have met… The stunning Bipasha basu!! Encore guys!!! @bipsluvurself.”

Ajay Devgn wrote: “Everyone, please welcome @Bipsluvurself to Twitter! Welcome aboard, this space is addictive.”

Sunidhi Chauhan wrote: “The beautiful Bipasha Basu is here.. Follow her! @bipsluvurself. Hi Bipasha welcome on Twitter! Big hug.”

Jewellary designer Farah Khan Ali wrote: “Lets welcome my friend and an absolute sweetheart Bipasha Basu @bipsluvurself to our tweet world. Love you Bips. ”