News|July 28, 2010 11:14 pm

Bips Launches Website to Stay Connected With Fans

It’s not more than a month, the actress Bipasha Basu joined the microblogging site, Twitter to stay connected with her fans, but now the actress has launched her own website to stay connected with her fans and give health fitness tips. The actress launched the website in collaboration with Hungama Digital Media.

The website contains a unique feature that is Bipasha’s voice where fans wake up in the morning by hearing Bipasha’s voice. They can subscribe to the soon-to-be-launched service through SMS packs or voice alerts, and at a designated time in the morning, they will get wake-up calls from Basu, in different manners, depending on the type they choose. Bips says about the this unique service,

“I have a very unique and identifiable voice, so I’ve recorded some fun ways of waking people up. I’m a morning person. So for me, waking up is a must. I would be waking up lazy people in different ways – in a fun tone, a cute tone or a strict, disciplined fitness expert tone.”

“After joining Twitter, the kind of genuine love I have received from the people has been fantastic, so I really want to give it back. That’s where I think my ‘love yourself’ philosophy will come in handy.”

Recently, 31-year-old Bollywood actress, Bipasha has launched fitness DVD, Fit and Fabulous. The site contains a section where fans can “speak to Bipasha”, by watching personalized videos where she’s talking about fitness, fashion and other aspects of “loving yourself”.