News|December 27, 2011 3:40 pm

Bipasha’s new year resolution is to be a harmless liar

Bipasha Basu on Monday said that she wants to become a harmless liar because sometimes lies helps in getting out of sticky situations,

Bipasha said,

In 2011, I took a resolution that I am going to learn (the art) of lying a bit as it sometimes helps. I am a pathetic liar. In 2011, I failed badly. So in 2012, I think, I will try and perfect a bit.

I will try to learn to say harmless lies. I want to be a harmless liar and sometimes I’ll lie to get out of sticky situation media puts you into,

Bipasha’s next film is Players which is Hollywood film ‘The Italian Jobs’ remake in Bollywood, signing the film was was loyalty factor that forced the her sign the star studded movie, She says,

Firstly, it was my loyalty to my first directors and I know whenever they make a film, it always entertains the audience and it is always a winner. Also, the fact that every time they had presented me on screen, it received rave reviews. When I heard the screenplay, it was really fascinating,

We are making an adaptation of ‘The Italian Job’. But it not exactly the ‘The Italian Job’ because it was made in 2003 and this adaptation will cater the needs of 2012. So, the action is bigger. There are new characters, the screenplay has more twists and turns. It is more of an Abbas-Mustan kind of thriller now.

She is also enjoying the reviews she is receiving for her dance number ‘Ho gayi toon’ in the movie, she says,

The song is important to the screenplay. People like it and I am really excited about it. We tried to adopt the cabaret and costume of Helenji’s era.