News|February 9, 2012 5:38 pm

Bipasha Basu loses sleep over Raaz 3

Bipasha Basu has become a ‘sleepless’ beauty. Ever since the actor started shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3 with Emraan Hashmi, she hasn’t had any time for rest, due to a continuous shooting schedule for the 3D film. Until a few days ago, she was down with a viral fever and conjunctivitis, so she couldn’t fulfill her professional commitments (including media interviews) for almost a week. As a result, all the film shoots — including Raaz 3 — were on hold.

All her projects had to be shifted. And once she started work a few days later, she had to push hard to clear all the backlog by working continuously for a couple of days.

says an insider close to Bipasha.

The actor confirms her chaotic schedule, saying,

Raaz 3, besides being a fantastic 3D horror film, is also an emotionally-taxing drama. In fact, for a couple of days, I hardly slept at all because of the workload. But I am enjoying the experience because it’s a new thrill to work on 3D.

Interestingly, thanks to her choc-a-bloc shooting schedule, Bipasha couldn’t even go and receive NDTV’s ‘Fittest Bollywood Celebrity’ award personally. The actor had to be content with a video call from the sets of Raaz 3 at Panvel.

I just didn’t have the time to make it,” she rues, adding, “But, it’s a great achievement especially since I have been awarded for my passion, fitness, rather than professional reasons. It’s fantastic if they believe that I am championing the cause of health and fitness among my fraternity.

The actor’s next release, Jodi Breakers, will hit theatres soon, and she’s confident the year is shaping up well: “2012 looks great. I am confident that people will appreciate my part in it (Jodi Breakers).”