News|January 20, 2011 11:46 pm

Bipasha Basu: All is Fine Between John & Me

Finally Bipasha Basu came forward and denied all the rumors spread across that she has been parting her ways with her beau, John Abraham. The actress stated that they are very much together and fine. Bipasha finally posted on her Twitter account,

“Hi all! Speculation is a part of r business! I knw d warmth n love tht i get frm u al! Everything is fine wth John n me:) Thank u! (sic).”

The actress, who has been with John for the past eight years, does not like rumours about her relationship.

“I hope ppl realise tht evryones life n relationships cn b treated wth a lil dignity here n nt GOSSIP!Al of us r real human beings after al!? (sic).

For now, Bipasha is excited about her first international film, English-French director Roland Joffe’s Singularity.