News|September 8, 2011 3:34 pm

Bipasha- am getting to know Shahid Kapoor

Bipasha Basu, is single after 15 years. She is been rumoured to be with many Bollywood heroes including shahid and ranbir.

There was a time when you’d take John Abraham and Bipasha Basu’s name almost in the same breath. Now, the lady refuses to even acknowledge the mention of him, simply referring to John as someone who isn’t part of her life anymore.

Anyways, this Bengali beauty isn’t disillusioned with love. Probably why back-to-back link-ups with former co-stars hardly bother her. In a refreshingly honest chat with Hitlist, she talks love, work and more…

Your break-up with John Abraham has become headline material. Do you feel a little claustrophobic?

I have chosen to be part of an industry where everyone has his or her hawk eyes on you. And I think I will have to accept all the extra attention, wanted or unwanted. What’s interesting is that everyone’s looking to get me a boyfriend, when I am so very much single and loving it. At least give me the chance to spend time with people. Only then will I be able to start dating someone, right?

So are you spending time with Shahid Kapoor or even Ranbir Kapoor?
Ranbir’s a sweetheart; he’s a very good friend. I don’t need to get to know him. I’ve known him for six whole years. Shahid and me ¦ we hardly know each other. We worked on one film together (Shikhar), but then we never really spoke much. It takes time to get to know people. So yes, I am getting to know Shahid now.