News|December 7, 2010 12:37 am

Big Heart, Hrithik Donated Rs. 10 Lakh for School bus

Hrithik Roshan silently showed his big heart attitude without making any hype. The actor has donated a Rs 10 lakh bus to the Dilkhush Special School (for mentally challenged children) in Juhu. A source says,

“Yes, Hrithik has donated a bus to the school.  Currently, we only have two school buses one that drops off children to Mahim and the other to Jogeshwari. The Mahim bus is in dire need of repairs.

We had written to the actor asking if he could help us in any way. We were pleasantly surprised to get his reply in a few days sanctioning the new bus which should arrive by January next year.”

Hrithik’s first connection with the school was through his wife Sussanne who had visited them in 2003.

“That’s when they started helping the school through donations. We were badly affected during the 2005 floods as we are close to Juhu beach.

The ground floor got damaged and we sent appeals to many people as furniture and school records had got damaged.

Hrithik was amongst the first to respond and send over a large amount immediately. Since then, he’s always been very generous.”

Keeping his low-profile, Hrithik maintain silence in this regard, whereas the school informed,

“He has never visited the school but whenever we have needed him, he’s always been there.  Last year, he asked for a photograph of the children. We sent one over. We have been running this school for 40 years on donations and today, have 100 children whom we train so they can integrate with mainstream society.”

That’s called big heart!