News|June 18, 2010 11:26 pm

Big B Says Thank-You to SRK at Raavan’s Premiere

The Bachchan Parivaar has been celebrating the world premiere of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai starrer “Raavan” in London. To celebrate the celebrations, Amitabh also invited Shahrukh Khan for the premiere function in London.  He tweeted on his account,

“Premier of Raavan in London 16th June 7 pm at British Film Institute, South Bank. Shah Rukh! Believe Abhi spoke to you and you coming!”

After few hours Amitabh repeated his invitation by saying,

“Shah Rukh! Believe Abhishek spoke to you about the Premier in London and you Gauri and the kids all are coming..Wonderful ! See you there.”

If Amit ji invites anybody, it’s not possible for others to disobey him, and the actor flew to London along with his wife, Gauri Khan.

The Bachchans were mesmerized by having a grand welcome with hundreds of fans along with colleagues. Giving thank-you note to Shahrukh, Sr. Bachchan tweeted,

“Thank you ShahRukh for being with us last night ! Enjoy the rest of your stay here … love to all.”

Appreciating the work of Mani Ratnam, Big B wrote on his blog,

“Just back from an overwhelming cinema experience called ‘RAAVAN’ and have been stunned at the manner in which any one could think of such visuals, to have kept them in ones mind for so long and then finally to have spoken up in the shape of film is quite amazing !”

“Mani Ratnam is one of the greatest assets of cinema that India has. His approach, his mind, his sense of the visual and his brilliance in presenting complex subjects is unique. May he continue to contribute his great talent to our fraternity and may we ever be enlightened by his produce,”