News|May 4, 2012 4:35 pm

Bhatts, Copy Cats

For one more time Bhatt’s are receiving allegations, but for this time Jannat 2 is around the circle. A Mumbai based writer Kapil Chopra has filed a case against the Bhatts for Plagiarism. He says that the story used for the sequel of Jannat i.e Jannat 2 was his story and he demands credit as storywriter.

Justice Dharma Adhikari presided the hearing on 2nd May, one of the sources gives out some details,

“Kapil had registered his story with the Film Writers Association in 2007. He knew the director of the film, Kunal Deshmukh very well. He had narrated the script to him and had also left a bound copy at Bhatts office.”

The source adds, “When Kapil saw the promos of the film he realised that it was his story. The characters, plot and the dialogues were strikingly similar to his script. He met Kunal and Mukesh Bhatt but they denied his allegation. The young writer filed his case against the producers who are allegedly known for lifting films.”


Kapil says that this is not for the first time when Bhatts have used his script, they also used some scenes from his script in their movie “Blood Money” and “Murder 2”The law firm Krishnamurthy and Co and they have demanded an ban on the release of the film and have also demanded for their due credit.